Month: August 2014

Confessions of a proffesional chauffeur

Everyone like luxury, although the definition of that word varies from one person to another. But there is one constant, sure sign of luxury – a car. Not any car – an executive car, meaning the vehicle which on the first glance looks and sounds expensive. As a professional chauffeur I know what I’m talking about – I’ve started my job as a cab driver and got up top to driving executive vehicles and limos for a private car hire company. I can assure you – even the smell of an executive car is distinct and differs greatly from even a brand new stock car bought from a respected dealership.

I thought that I can use a bit of my spare time and my experience to tell you about the cars I’ve driven through the years. I might add that I’ve had an occasion to sit in such astonishing models like Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Phantom and BMW 7 and, oh boy, they are more beautiful than you can imagine – no picture will show you their sleekness, ease of control and every stylish, hand-made detail. I hope you’ll enjoy my writing. And photos! Thats the enjoy of working in limo hire agency!